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Waterproof Coatings

Waterproof Coatings

Crack filler is a specially formulated polymer modified repair mortar designed to fully meet the requirement of effectively filling cracks in plasters and in concrete, avoiding the use of costly sealants. is a dry powder when mixed with water it forms a creamy consistency paste which is ready for use in filling cracks and repairing plasters.

It is non shrink, hence possibility of shrinkage cracks are non existant. It has high tensile strength and good adhesion property. The finish achieved is sufficiently smooth. Good resistance to freeze / thaw cycles, carbonation and attack by chlorides. Conventional curing is not required.

  • Acrylic Coating

  • Bitumen Coating

  • Cementitious Waterproof Coating

  • Crystalline Waterproofing

  • Flexible External Wall Coating

  • Heat Resistant Waterproof Coating

  • PU Coating

  • Single Component Cementitious Coating

  • Water Repellant

  • Waterproofing Liquid